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A Letter To Blank

Georgie Barnett

Autumn, 2022

I wrote to you of my head  

On your shoulder 

In single-bedded bliss    

I wrote to you of my want 

And desire 

In a letter sealed with this: 


Dear blank I wish we had more time 

Or space to make more of this: 

Of what we shared  

Of what we confessed  

Of how I really miss 

Our dancing scents 


Our tentative tips 

Our fingers ghosting  

Across sheets and wrists 

Gently in prayer, 

And not wholly aware, 

In single-bedded bliss. 

Georgie is an artist and poet interested in the female form, desire, and touch. Her passions are the written word, history, human connection and all things creative. Art has always been a part of her life and she continues the practice by drawing commissions of dogs and loved ones in her spare time.

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