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Izzi Seale

Winter, 2013

I miss the dew between my toes,The feeling of walking barefoot on grassA day after it rained.I miss the way the sun would appearFor only half an hour,then hide away behind the clouds.And I miss the sunsetting at quarter past nine,Creating a symphony of reds and blues and lilacs,To be followed with a sky full of bright stars.And I miss the dresses I could wear,The circles I would spin,To feel like a dancer.And I miss the night-long Skype callsTo my friends in distant lands,Talking about nothing but the beauty of night.And I miss the harmonious tunes of the cricketsPlaying their music all day longBecause they knew I liked it.

To put it simply,And to put it short:I miss summer.

Izzi is a teacher and recovering Smiths fan who is rekindling her teenage coping mechanism of writing poetry. She grew up in the UAE and a lot of her work is inspired by her childhood and teenage years there.


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