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We are open to submissions all year round and publish continuously. All submissions should be sent to We are open to all written and visual submissions, but currently we’re looking for more art, photography and journal submissions.


Here’s what to know if you’re interested in submitting work: 

What we're looking for

We accept submissions on an ongoing basis. We are interested in:


Short fiction up to 4,000 words. We prefer stories that examine transitions and realisations, that look at human relationships and interactions and how they shape us, that explore the everyday, but infuse it with magic. We don’t have a preference genre-wise, but we tend to focus on stories about coming of age that aren’t limited to adolescence e.g., a story about a transformative period in someone’s life at any age. 


Personal essays and creative non-fiction up to 1,200 words. We’re especially interested in articles about coming of age, adolescence and nostalgia as well as essays on culture, music, film and literature through a personal lens. This could be an essay about turning 19, falling in love, or discovering your favourite band. 


Poetry We like expressive poetry that captures universal feelings but isn’t afraid to be deeply personal, work that avoids cliché, but doesn’t hold back on being earnest or melodramatic. We have a preference for non-rhyming work but won’t rule out work that does rhyme. 


Journals up to 1,200 words. We publish extracts from teenage journals. These can be published as standalone dated entries or entries with new introductions to contextualise their content. We also publish scanned/photographed journal collages either to accompany written journal entries or to publish on our socials. 


Photography (minimum 3 photographs.) We publish photo series that capture the diverse experiences of modern youth. We have a preference for film photography but won’t rule out digital photo series if they capture the essence of hazy film photographs. 

Visual art (minimum 3 images.) We prefer art that captures interiority and deep feeling. We publish painting, drawing, collage, and other visual media. Please ensure your artworks are scanned or captured face on with no angled shots or close ups. 

Social media submissions We are interested in scans of old gig tickets, posters, magazine, journal collages and teenage bedroom photos for our Instagram. Please submit these via email along with your Insta handle.

How to submit

We accept submissions via email: Written work must be provided as a Word or Google Doc and artwork and images as .png or .jpeg attachments or WeTransfer. 


Please include a 1-3 sentence third-person bio telling us a little about yourself, your hobbies and interests. Please also include the season and year that the work was created (e.g. Summer 2022.) If applicable, do include your Insta handle. All published work is accompanied by a featured image. If you have an image you would like to use that matches the Fourteen aesthetic, please include this in the email. Otherwise, we will select the image ourselves. We also accept playlist submissions along with your written and visual submissions that complement the work. These are shared on our Spotify with a link to the work on our website.


Sadly, we are currently unable to pay contributors, but we do accept old work that you created a long time ago and previously published pieces are welcome. 


We may edit personal essays and short stories, but these edits will always be shared with you before publication. 

Teenage Heroes

We are launching a TEENAGE HEROES series publishing creative responses to the people we looked up to, crushed on, or whose work changed our lives as teenagers. From how The Smiths saved your life to 2,000-word treatises dedicated to Robert Pattinson in Twilight to journal collages and bedroom shrines, we’re here for it. 


We accept creative non-fiction, culture writing, poetry and artwork on this theme. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in then please do submit in the usual way, putting ‘TEENAGE HEROES’ in the subject line. We look forward to fangirling over your submissions.

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