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Gareth Sweeney

Fruit’ is a derogatory term in Ireland referring to queer persons.
‘Fruit’ symbolises youth, abundance and vitality.

We choose who we share our lives with. 'FRUITS’ follows my chosen family between Derry and Belfast. Getting to the stage of life where groups tend to part their ways as other priorities appear, 'FRUITS’ showcases a need to grab onto fleeting moments and memories. Memories; be it a night in bliss stumbling through the streets of Northern Ireland dressed to impress, or a shared pot of tea after weeks of not seeing one another.

I have always been interested in archives, specifically ones people keep for themselves. The idea of collecting something to spark a memory, evidence of life lived, has been something I have always done. With my anxieties increasing over the past few years, I began to fear that I would drift or fade from everyone close to me. This fear drove me to capture any moments we were able to be with each other. Using lo-fi techniques through analogue photography to create an unpolished form, I capture remnants between thought and feeling.

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