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"Girl" It Echoes In My Head

Elyse Welles

Winter, 2014

Lana playing in the car 

Countless nights of shaking drives 

Empty, wishing I could cry 

I tell myself to let it go 



Smoke on our breaths, our bodies together against the cold, I miss your hand in mine 



Sweet aromas recall heartstring pulls 

That first warm kiss, so warm 

So undecided, so shaken 

Wanting more, playing with fire 

So warm 

We stood, sat, lay for hours, holding me against the wind as days grew colder 



I struggle, you're there. 

All day, all night we were alone, together 

As we came together we grew closer 

I left you 

As we came together we grew apart 

I left you 



You found her; it's only her now 

I have him; but it's always you 

Still we are alone, together 

Closer than ever. 

In the dark, in the cold, we are warm 

Together. Alone together. 

He's alone, I'm alone, we're together 

Why aren't we together? 


Words contradict while actions speak love 

I sit in the cold, so cold 

Lana always playing in the car 

So cold 

But still I am "girl". 

Selected by Free Verse Revolution as a 'Best Poet of 2022', Elyse Welles is a nomadic poet, novelist and non-fiction writer, based between Athens, Greece and Pennsylvania. ""Girl" It Echoes in My Head" was written when she was 18 and heartbroken, naive to love (and poetry). This was one of the first poems she ever wrote.

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