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Boxing Day

Megan Wright

Winter, 2017

boxing day  


swallowing your pillowcase 

while my throat bleeds red regret  

thinking about the empty half of my mother’s bed  

my soft skin against fucking cement  

there is a hell inside of me  

that is ripping through my stomach lining  

and it soaks your sheets with cold sweat  

and my devastation and detest  

but Deadweight can’t put up a fight 

against the love of its life  

so i forgive your wallpaper for watching silently  

and i thank your mattress for holding me so tenderly  

while i was down.  

and january is spent scraping my knees  

on your annoyance and debts,  

and we both forget i’m still a kid 

when you touch me like that. 

This was the first poem Megan ever wrote, and probably one of the greatest acts of liberation she ever gave her teenage self.

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