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Ekphrasis of Against the Moon, Iceage

Georgie Brooke

Winter, 2023

A violin howls,

and a stream of piss glitters in the moonlight.

Mr. Albrecht contemplates what phase the moon is in as he scratches his testicles

The tarmac bumps stick out like mountains through the gushes

as his foot taps on

the hot piss-slick pavement.

When I say hot I mean how the trumpet prickles

his skin like the humid Manhattan breeze.

When I say taps, I mean a piano is talking to him

through all this, but he doesn’t know how to answer

Georgie is a queer Mancunian poet exploring the intersections between modern poetry, music and community. Their favourite childhood memories include reading their future with with Girl Talk horoscopes, pitctochat, moonshoes, peach scented lipgloss (and lipsmacker!) You can find more of their work on instagram at @spenglerr or on

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