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So Alive

Indra Dryden-Shaw

Summer, 2023

August was born wet this year

very human to be imperfect

after so much anticipation

but soon it lights up again 

summer is a contrarian 

tease, cheeks smacked red by heat

solar energy is slow release

so we brown our skin recklessly

gently turning underneath 

the far away half of infinity 

I am so alive 

so alive, and so stupid

give me my water frozen to a stick

and dangerous waters to float on

I am so alive, and if nothing else,

I want to be absurd until Autumn 

Indra works at a desk, writing poems and songs in-between completing actual adult tasks. She loves the park in the sunshine and the beach at nightfall, and thinking too much about most things. She wrote this poem on the first sunny day of April 2023.

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